# Developer Tools

The DataTorch Python package includes deveral developer tools that allow you to extend and customize our software for your specific use cases.

Simply install our Python package to get started.

pip install datatorch

The package requires Python >= 3.7.

# About Agents and Pipelines

Agents and Pipelines give you the ability to integrate DataTorch into your machine learning workflow by letting you set a trigger to run code from any repo on any machine. By integrating this feature with scripts written using our Python package, you can turn DataTorch into a powerful platform for data collection, model training, testing, and more. Learn More →

# About DataTorch CLI

DataTorch includes several console commands to perform tasks such as uploading images, importing files, and uploading/translating annotations, directly from the terminal. Learn More →

# About Python Package

Our Python package also contains several objects and functions that conveniently wrap around our GraphQL API, making it easy to write scripts to automate control of your data programmatically. Learn More →