# Introduction

Welcome to the official DataTorch documentation webpage. If you do not find answers to questions you have, checkout the github repository.

# What is DataTorch?

DataTorch is a scalable, machine learning data tool designed to efficiently annotate any type of data. It provides a customizable and modular platform with many advanced features, allowing developers to focus more on building accurate models.

The purpose of DataTorch is to create a free platform for users to build, and share different types of machine-learning datasets.

Over the years machine-learning models have become significantly more efficient. Many of those systems utilize supervised learning techniques and train on large hand-crafted datasets. Hence efforts have now shifted to produced reliable datasets for training many of these systems. As these datasets grow, annotating the images becomes increasingly more challenging and the efficiency of the annotation tool used becomes more essential. Unfortunately, very few annotation tools address this need for efficiency and versatility.

DataTorch comes with a plethora of options to integrate with your workflow. Users can share and extend open-source datasets to speed up data creation. Checkout the features page for more details.

# Contact Us

Send any question to support@datatorch.io.